Uptime Bot Website monitoring and incident response right in your Slack!

UptimeBot is a simple website monitoring tool that notifies you in case of downtime or slow performance of your websites.Get instant downtime alerts delivered to your developer team chat space.Setup multiple checks to monitor different parts of your project.
Alerts are delivered to the Slack channel of your choice.UptimeBot comes with an incident management system that helps coordinate efforts to mitigate downtime and see who’s responsible for resolving an incident. It’s great for incident resolution and task management.UptimeBot is built for Slack – no need for context switching and having to login to external monitoring websites. Simple UI allows you to manage your checks without leaving Slack. Main Features:- Multiple Test Locations
– Incident management
– Renewal Reminders for expiring SSL certs and domains
– Slow loading time alerts
– Root cause visibility Get Started for FREE:- Free plan gives 2 alerts (monitoring URLs) per Slack workspace for free!
– We offer flexible usage-based plans for teams who need more.Learn more at https://uptime.bot/