unroveAn innovative platform to share successes, increase team engagement and boost happiness.

**Unrove Bot**
Unrove is a revolutionary success sharing platform for employee engagement & recognition crafted to elevate workplace performance and enhance team motivation.
Using Unrove bot’s simple commands, your teammates can:- Post Successes: Celebrate your smallest successes and flaunt them!
– Like Successes: Appreciate your teammates’ efforts by liking their successes and motivate them to do better.
– Rate Successes: With this, you can tell your teammates what is your takeaway from their success.
Please note that you must have an existing Unrove SuccessCanvas to use this bot.It’s easy to use: just create your Unrove account with your organization’s name, add your team members and click Add to Slack.
Sign up to try Unrove: https://app.unrove.com/register To read more about Unrove Bot, visit:

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