Trustbot Stop wasting time on Non-Disclosure Agreements (free)

Trustbot lets you send, sign and verify Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements without leaving Slack. Just give Trustbot the email address of the other party, and Trustbot gets it e-signed. Then you confirm the agreement in Slack, and Trustbot sends archive copies direct to your email.Anyone on your team also can initiate an NDA when they create or accept a meeting request by adding [email protected] to any meeting. Stay in sync with a single NDA form for your entire team. If you share signature authority with others, add them to a private channel to see and manage all NDAs as a team.Trustbot also checks for an NDA whenever you add an external member to your workspace or when you create a Shared Channel with an external team. When needed, Trustbot gets them to e-sign your NDA and confirms in the channel.Get started by creating your account at — it only takes a few minutes and it’s free.