TriviaInstant Quiz, Fun Games and Virtual Watercooler. All in one place.

Virtual team-building through Instant Quizzes, Fun Games, and WatercoolerWith Trivia, bring social and fun back to your workplace. Take a quick 5 min break, lounge around, and play fun-filled with your team to spark conversations, collaboration, and camaraderie. Feeling bored? Connect around the Virtual Watercooler for peer introductions,  interactions, and virtual coffees. In short, Trivia is everything you need to build a happy and healthy team in your workplace. What makes Trivia unique? Catch up with your team over fun-filled gamesOur games are fun, easy to launch, and happens in real-time, meaning your team gets together to play them! More than the games, Trivia is about the post-game banter, friendly conversations, and discussions it brings to your table. Well, that’s the whole point of playing it, isn’t it? Trivia’s suite of games include:
 Instant Quizzes (30+ topics & 35,000+ questions)
 Custom Quizzes
 (Un)Popular Opinions
 Custom Polls
 Word Puzzles
 Word Search
 This or That
 Pictionary (Our latest addition to the mix. We’ve recreated this famous board game for you to relish and enjoy with your team)  Connect around the Virtual WatercoolerThe chance meetings you used to have in your office? Those random chats grabbing a cup of coffee or donut with a person from the sales team? And the casual talks helping a new hire to settle and adapt? If you feel your team is missing out on these, then our Virtual Watercooler is for you. Open up lines of communication, foster long-lasting relationships, and build a sense of togetherness amongst your team. Make peer introductions, encourage virtual coffees, or break the ice by posting random topics to kick-start discussions.  Auto-schedule happy hoursCruise control your team-building activities by scheduling Trivia games. Simply add it to a channel where you want to host Virtual happy hours, Trivia Tuesdays, or weekly game nights. Our bot takes care of the rest – from notifications to announcing winners. Over 6,000+ workspaces use Trivia, including Quora, Science, Electronic Arts, and Babbel.Top features
  Range of fun, easy, and quick to launch games
  Schedule games to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun
  Custom Quizzes to create & run your own MCQ quizzes
  Leaderboards to know where you stand amid your peers
  Global Challenge
  Virtual Watercooler to connect with your co-workers serendipitously
  Break the ice by sparking conversations in channels or via DMs
  Detailed engagement reports on team buildingHow Trivia works inside Slack:
It’s very simple…
1. Add Trivia to Slack
2. Choose a channel – #random, #general, #marketing or create your own one to keep all your team-building exercises streamlined
3. Every time a Trivia game is launched, everyone in that channel gets notified of it. This ensures participation and engagement.
4. Use Virtual Watercooler for peer introductions and virtual coffees
5. To know your workspace stats and leaderboards – visit our Dashboard

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