TodoEveryday assistant to improve your productivity

Let’s face it: managing the work of one person can be a struggle But what happens when you’re working on a big project that involves PEOPLE (like, plural…).You need your teamwork as a well-oiled machine That is: everyone knows what to do and everyone is in the loop with the progress. And guess what? You don’t need some fancy collaboration platform that costs a lot to achieve that.Instead, create to-do lists for you and your team that everyone has access to.Todo is Slack native to-do application with every feature that you will ever need. Increase your and your team’s productivity every day! Create task lists for each project and GET THE JOB DONE With Todo you can:
Create to-do lists based on Slack messages
Add tasks for you and your co-worker
Create reminders and receive real-time notifications
Easily review your tasks in the personalized control panel
‍ Add your tasks from /todo command or from the message context menu
Review the progress of the whole project
Send notification to your team when you’re done with your task… stop asking yourself “What are they all doing anyway???” Why you should use Todo?
No costly software needed
No complicated processes that no one follows
‍ No unnecessary over-engineeringKnow your day plan the moment you open Slack!

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