ToastGitHub pull requests, code review, mentions, reminders — without noise.

GitHub pull request updates & code review reminders — delivered on a toast.
Toast combines happy user experience with clean UI,
so you know at a glance what’s on your plate.For the Hacker
– Contextual DMs for Pull Requests activity and @mentions
– No noise, only pings that require your attention
– No noise, seriously, Toast aggregates notifications
– Support for threaded replies you’re following
– Daily digest of what the team needs from you
– Slash commands to get an overview of your workFor the Team
– Identify stale PRs
– Bird’s eye view of team blockers with /toast team
– (upcoming) Get alerts before bottlenecks ariseFor Focus & Peace of Mind
– Reminds teammates to follow up, so you don’t have to
– No noisy public channels with activity irrelevant to you
– What your team needs from you, just one /toast me away
– Find merged PRs, track work in progress, even peek plates of teammatesNo overhead. No anxiety. No noise.
Get your Toast today.

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