ThriverKeep your employees up to date on any food and culture initiatives happening in their office

Integrating your Thriver account with Slack makes it effortless to keep your team updated and engaged with your culture programs. The Thriver app will automatically engage each employee with reminders of upcoming meals, and requests for ratings and preferences (both culinary and dietary).To integrate Thriver with Slack:
• Sign up or sign in to your Thriver account
• Go to your Integrations page to connect Slack
• Once you choose to connect Slack, you’ll be taken to your Programs page, where you can connect a program to one of your Slack channels
• If the channel is private, invite Thriver to the channelOnce you’ve connected, these commands will be useful:/thriver command
Review all commands and their functions/thriver help
Enter this command to learn how to integrate Thriver with your Slack channel(s)./thriver upcoming
Enter this command to view your upcoming orders.

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