Three Good Three Good is an employee mental wellbeing platform for HR.

Say hello to instant feedback on what matters most when it comes to the mental wellbeing of your people. That’s right! You can officially kiss boring-ass survey’s goodbye with daily votes tallied rather than the usual surveys which, as we all know, are cumbersome and often ignored by employees.Install the Three Good App today and let our DailyPulse™ algorithm start sending automated projects to vote on trickled in with simple questions on self-care, stress, insomnia, movement,  diversity and inclusion. You decide the cadence, our app does the rest.OH, and one more thing, you don’t have to figure out what projects or questions to send. Our entire database has been formulated and curated by our top psychologists and leading mental health experts to ensure your people are being cared for in the right way, at the right time.Three good is designed to help get a regular pulse on how you’re people are feeling. It’s not meant to replace standard HR surveys to see what they think of the new benefits policy or the new EAP. Here’s a list of benefits:*Get more personalized insights on mental indicators
*Influence key business decisions
*Get social, mental, and emotional indicators delivered privately to HR
*Compare how different departments are doing
*See what social good projects your people care about
*Understand the mood each team is in
*Boost employee wellbeing
*Compare month-over-month mood analytics
*Social, mental and emotional analytics
*Reduce employee turnover
*Community service project insights
*Month-over-month team engagement progress
*Individual mental wellbeing indicators