Teamline The simple project management tool for Slack

Teamline is the simple project management tool for SlackAre your tasks falling through the cracks? Have you tried to implement new project management tools and protocols, to stay on top of tasks, with no luck?Trusted by 35,000 businesses, Teamline is the simplest way to coordinate and manage your team’s tasks and projects. And all inside Slack, so that your team members WILL ACTUALLY USE AND LOVE IT.  It is the world’s friendliest task management tool…period!What makes Teamline better than other tools?In speaking to dozens of companies that had the same challenge, you told us the problems with other project management tools:• It’s hard adapting to new tools that don’t fit your day to day activities, and they can end up creating more work, not less
• Many systems can turn out to be overkill, and so complicated that your team don’t use themHow Teamline worksTurn your Slack conversations into actions and reminders without a clunky and complicated task management tool.  With Teamline you spend less time in annoying complicated software and more time in the place you spend most of your time already… Slack!The new and improved Teamline lets you:• EASILY create a task right in Slack using the command /teamline
• Turn any Slack message into an actionable task with one easy step
• Get notifications and reminders about tasks that are due right in Slack which means no more ineffective emails
• Most importantly, replaces your current task management tool with one that keeps teams at their most efficient and effective, which makes everyone less stressed and more happy With Teamline WORK GETS DONE… period.• Visit our guide to learn more and see how it works
• See some testimonials from customers who use Teamline
• To try Teamline out for free (2 min set up), register here.

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