teambleContinuous feedback and engagement for teams

Whether you are a remote, agile, project, or a deal team, Teamble is the best platform to build a culture of strengths-focused, continuous feedback, engagement, and learning for all teams.With Teamble for Slack you can:
• Kick-off a continuous feedback cycle with your team in seconds
• Share your development goals with your team and ask for feedback
• Give high quality, strengths-focused 360 feedback using templates
• Highlight strengths or get actionable coaching scripts from Teamble Coaching Engine® library
• Share and compare your work tendencies, styles, and preferences with teammates
• Run pulse check surveys to collect unique insightsYou can interact with the Teamble app by simply typing your feedback on the app (e.g.; @john fantastic job at the meeting…) or by calling the app with /teamble command in any channel.All your notes and feedback are categorized by tags and pre-filled into a draft performance review at Reviews section on dashboard. Use it for accessing the much-needed context for your 360 reviews, self-reviews, or 1-1 conversations with teammates.Have questions, want to learn more about teamble or want to explore a customized Enterprise plan? Contact us at [email protected]/teamble
Easily give feedback to teammates, ask for feedback, or update your settings.

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