Task Reminder (Link Reminder) Automatically creates and follows up with tasks, saving you time and energy

Install now for FREE!Formerly Link Reminder, features have now been revamped to be way more intuitive.Task Reminder is like an assistant: it listens to your team and automatically creates and follows up with tasks, saving you time and energy.Simple Task Management
Perfect for asynchronous/remote teams, teams that want to avoid awkward back-and-forth, or teams that want to focus on getting things done and not deal with a million different apps and scrum boards to get a simple task done.Automatic Task Generation
Manually creating tasks suck, you have to write it down somewhere, then remember to go look for it then update it, or jump on your scrum board and create a new card. Do you really want to do this for simple ad-hoc tasks? Let Task Reminder listen and automatically create tasks for you.Avoid That Follow-Up Awkwardness
Nobody likes chasing people for things; you waste your time and the other person gets annoyed. It’s mentally draining and very distracting for both parties. Don’t waste your efforts, let Task Reminder chase people for you.Save Time & Energy
Task Reminder will send you a Direct Message when Tasks have been marked as Done. Take back control of your focus until other people are actually done their work.Works Right Out Of The Box
Task Reminder will work immediately after being invited to a channel. Configure only when you want to.Not convinced? See it in action here: https://www.labfortysix.com/link-reminder/quickstart?utm_source=slack_app-listing&utm_medium=referral—Additional DetailsTask Reminder is a productivity bot that helps your team complete tasks asynchronously. Originally designed to help software teams push quicker code reviews, it has now been re-architectured to help any type of team.No matter what role you play in any company, you will always be sharing links. It could be a Pull Request, a link to a spreadsheet that needs updating, or a business document that requires review, maybe even getting feedback on some UI/UX design mock-ups, any link will work. If you have turn-around times of 4 days, you’ll see this drop to 4 hours.You can also manually create tasks and let the bot follow up for you by typing /lr.Task Reminder uses simple NLP techniques to detect when someone is asking someone to get something done. As long as you have a @username and a link in your message, our algorithm will look through the rest of the message to detect if you’re asking for a review. Some ways to trigger detection:- @Bob https://example.com PTAL
– @Lisa can you review this: https://example.com
– @George I need a review on these mocks (https://example.com), I’m not sure if the flow makes sense on the Engineering side
– @Rachel take a look at these SLAs https://example.com — am I missing any requirements?The longer Task Reminder is a part of your team, the more it will understand your team dynamics and become more accurate. If you have a specific phrase you’d like to use, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll set you right up.Task Reminder offers a 30-day trial and uses Stripe for billing. The price is $2/month per developer, which is less than a daily dose of caffeine. Check our site for more information on pricing. Send us an email if you want to extend your trial extended.For any feedback, bug reports, or inquiries, please email us at [email protected]