Tactiq Send transcription and meeting insights from Google Meet

Save transcriptions from Google Meet & share the meeting outcome into SlackDownload the Chrome extension at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tactiq-for-google-meet/fggkaccpbmombhnjkjokndojfgagejfb

* Start Google Meet in your Browser
* Keep captions on. Extension will automatically enable them.
* Switch on auto-save feature to have a transcription of each call
* Tap on the highlighter to mark an important part of the transcription.
* Click on the Tactiq icon in the browser tab and export both the transcript and the pins.
* Export either the highlights, full transcript or both into the Slack channel of your choiceCompatible with your device
Save transcriptions from Google Meet & share them in Slack
Stay engaged, we’ll take care of the notes
Capture important conversations without losing your focus writing notes, using Tactiq’s Chrome Extension for Google Meet, then share into SlackSimple to share & save live transcriptions from Google Meet with Tactiq:
* Read the full history of the conversation in real-time
* Automatically save the transcription to Google Doc during the meeting
* Automatically enable captions on calls
* Highlight any key point, with a single click
* Create summaries with custom tags; Decisions, Action Items & Questions
* Export transcript in Tactiq Meeting, TXT, Clipboard, or securely store it in your Google Drive
* Easily share your Google Meet transcriptions & summaries into Slack.
* Review highlight summary
* See timestamps and speakers names in the transcription
* Highlight important conversation point to easily find them in the transcriptCHANGELOG:
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