Sunshine Conversations Sunshine Conversations lets your team speak to your customers directly without leaving Slack.

Zendesk Sunshine Conversations allows you to speak to your customers directly from SlackAllow your entire team to completely manage communication with your customers without leaving Slack. Sunshine Conversations also automatically manages and archives the conversation channels it creates to keep your team’s Slack neat & tidy. Mom would approve.1. When a user reaches out to you, Sunshine Conversations will alert a channel you specify to let you know a user needs help.2. This alert will take you to a channel that’s specific to the user who’s speaking to you.3. Consult and collaborate with your teammates, then reply with a simple /sk slash command.Your replies are instantly delivered to the user’s phone and look just like a text message would.A Sunshine Conversations account is required. Visit to sign up for a free trial. Once you have an account you can then install this integration from here: You can also find additional documentation on how to use this integration here Slack integration on a free trial plan does not expire, but it is limited to 500 active conversations per month; beyond that a paid Sunshine Conversations account is required.