StoryXpressForget the bygone methods of communication and let videos do the talking. Slack videos to strengthen intra-team communication.

What is StoryXpress?With its cloud-based video creation technology, StoryXpress automates the post-production of videos, enabling retailers to convert their existing product catalog into video catalog, in a fraction of the cost and time. We offer a web-based dashboard and an API that makes us a one-stop video creation platform for brands, manufacturers, and retailers of any size. With our technology, we also enable brands to create personalized videos to make 1 to 1 connect with their customers.-   Create and share videos directly from StoryXpress without switching between apps.
–   Share video to any channel or member in the Slack with user tagging options. 
–   Forget about the bygone methods of communication and let videos do the talking for you.   How does StoryXpress app work in Slack?   1. Create, Record or Upload any video on the StoryXpress platform.  
2. Now, click on the share button and select the Slack icon that appears in a popup.  
3. Select the concerned person or the channel you want to send the video along with a personalized message to. (You can select more than one person or channel at the same time)    
4. You can use extra features like @here, @everyone, @channel or @User to tag people while writing your message.

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