Stargate Automate your business or organization with Stargate’s easy wizard

Stargate connects apps to other apps. You can share or move data automatically from one app to another app to automate your work.Stargate automatically moves data between Slack and other apps. Data can come from many apps like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Facebook Lead Ads, Shopify, most online form apps and can then be sent to apps like Slack, Wunderlist, Google Sheets, SalesForce, Gmail and others.Stargate can automatically detect and parse thousands of different emails from Gmail, Outlook, Amazon, Shopify, MailChimp, PayPal, Typeform, etc. with its unique parsing ability and then send the data to Slack and other apps. It can automatically extract fields from sales, orders, leads, signups, notifications and a vast number of other emails. After you have set up a workflow, you simply direct all email you want to parse to a specific “trigger” folder in your Gmail or Outlook account. Stargate will then parse the email and send the data to the app you specified in the workflow.Email parsing happens in real-time, except for email sent via Gmail. Due to a limitation in Gmail, the account must be polled once every 5 minutes. If you want your incoming emails parsed in real time, rather use Outlook.All communications are secure via https.