Slash Deploy Manage deployments without leaving Slack.

SlashDeploy helps your team manage deployments without leaving Slack. It’s powered by GitHub and additionally brings you these awesome features:Simple deployments – Enable anybody in your team to deploy faster without leaving Slack. Once installed, just type /deploy help to see all the cool things SlashDeploy can do for you.Continuous deployment – List the auto-deploy branches and SlashDeploy will automatically deploy changes when it sees a matching Git commit. Our chatbot will notify you upon the status of deployment.Commit status checks – Define the GitHub’s required commit status checks and SlashDeploy will ensure broken deployments never reach your users. You will get notified about failing status checks.Environment locks – Whether it’s your staging, production or QA, deploy locks prevent others from accidentally deploying to a shared environment. Optionally leave a message to let your colleagues know the details.Plain text configuration – Manage your deployment configuration alongside your code. Simply drop a .slashdeploy.yml file under the root for your GitHub repository and SlashDeploy will pick up the changes.Backed by GitHub Deployment API – Deployments you run on SlashDeploy are powered by GitHub Deployment API, leaving you with full control over your data and infrastructure. SlashDeploy does not require access to your servers, nor the source code.Try SlashDeploy free for 14 days, a credit card is not required. Afterward, it’s available through a paid subscription on per active user basis – you only get billed for what you use. See our Pricing to learn more.