Slaask The Customer Communication app for all Slack users.

Slaask supercharges your Slack to function as a customer communication app, that you share with your team. Through your Slaask chatbox, deployed on your website and/or mobile apps, communication with your leads and customers funnels straight through to your Slack. The same goes for your Facebook page, Twitter account, and email addresses. Through Slaask, emails as well as questions and feedback from your Facebook page and Twitter go straight to your Slack account. Your team can use Slack, in the same way they are used to using it, but now they can chat in real time with your leads and customers, wherever they are on the web. But wait. There’s more! Not only can you be contacted in real time but we also offer a delayed mode for those moments where you’re on your lunch break, or off for a weekend trip… Forward your users’ questions to a dedicated email address and get back to them as soon as you’re available. Better yet, let your 24/7 Smart Assistant Bot take charge while you go grab yourself that well-deserved coffee. With Slaask, communicating with your leads and customers has never been easier. Bring yourself closer to them, and increase user satisfaction levels like never before.