Sixfeet A virtual cafe/water cooler for spontaneous conversations with your remote team

Sixfeet lets you run into coworkers during breaks, between meetings, or whenever you are feeling social. Just like in real life. When you add Sixfeet to Slack, your community will get a virtual cafĂ© that’s open 24/7
1. Hop on : keep Sixfeet open when you’re feeling social or want to take a break.
2. Spontaneously chat : catch up for 2 minutes, share a new idea, or cowork for an hour.
3. Get notified : receive Slack messages when you or colleagues hop on Sixfeet so you can take breaks and casually chat with your team.We suggest creating a #sixfeet channel and adding Sixfeet there so that you have a single channel for Sixfeet notifications (e.g. when team members are hanging out), random discussions, and, of course, memes Sixfeet is free for all teams. If you are interested in enterprise support or have any questions/feedback, send a message to [email protected]: Sixfeet only sends Slack messages when your team goes online and will only send a single message if multiple team members go online in a short period (to prevent spam). Send us an email if you have feedback on the amount of messages received from Sixfeet