SimpoReceive your support tickets directly to your Slack channel

Simpo is a product engagement platform that allows product managers and customer success teams to assist, understand, convert, and keep customers. This is done by embeddable apps (product walkthroughs, automatic actions, FAQs, tickets handling, self-learning in app knowledge base) all available on the Simpo dashboard. Each app comes with built in insights that allow Simpo users to track, adjust, and optimize their customer experience.The Simpo Slack integration is a feature of the Simpo platform that allows you to simplify and streamline your customer support interactions via tickets into one place, your Slack channel. Handling your customer support tickets has never been easier. The Simpo Slack integration allows you to:
– Organize where you are receiving your tickets so it is more efficient for your team
– Get real time notifications on new tickets submitted to your Slack channels
– Handle tickets in an app you already have open all dayContact us at [email protected] or in order to set you up as a user on the Simpo platform or to learn more about the Simpo Slack Integration.

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