Simple PollCreate simple polls and surveys in Slack

With Simple Poll you can create native polls and surveys right within Slack.
Get your colleagues’ thoughts in minutes; not in the next meeting. Need to decide on whether to proceed with a candidate? The next step with a customer? A favourite product design? Or even where to go to lunch on Thursday? Simple Poll provides an effortless and collaborative way to make these decisions.Native Polls
Simple, native polls, right within Slack. Create a poll for any decision you require; from the small to the serious.
To create a native poll, type:  /poll “Was today’s meeting useful for you?” “Yes” “No”Anonymous Polls
Anonymise who voted for which option. Reduces the bias in the feedback.
To create an anonymous poll, type: /poll “How likely do you think it is that we’ll accomplish our quarterly goals?” “Likely” “Neutral” “Unlikely” anonymousCustom emojis
Use whichever emoji best represent your options. Possibilities are (almost) endless.
To create a poll featuring your chosen emojis, type: /poll “What should we have for lunch?” “Spaghetti” “Pizza” “Tacos” Limit votes (Business Plan)
Restrict the number of votes that each user can cast with the limit keyword.
For example: /poll “Which of the designs posted above is your favorite?” “Single column with sidebar” “Single column without sidebar” “Double column” “Full width” limit 1Upgrade to the Business plan for more poll options, more features, and fewer usage limitations For more information type /poll or visit
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