Simple MQTTSend messages to MQTT brokers

Send messages from Slack to any MQTT server. Everyone in your Slack workspace can send messages to MQTT topics.UsageUse /smqtt [command] with the following commands:
– send [target] [message]
   target is any available target created before
   message is the string send to the MQTT topic
– target list
   list all available topics
– target add [target] [serverUrl] [topic]
   target is the name of the new target
   serverUrl is any valid MQTT connection url (mqtt[s]://[username][:password]@host.domain[:port] )
   topic is the topic where the messages should be send to (e.g. ‘home/cmd’)
– target remove [target]
   target is the name of the target which should be removedBecause this is a free service, all workspaces are limited to 100 MQTT messages per month. If you need more messages, send an email.Example
1. /smqtt target add blindsKitchen mqtt://user:[email protected] /home/kitchen/blind
2. /smqtt send blindsKitchen open

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