Simple GoalsGoal and OKR awareness for your teams

Your teams spend a lot of time in Slack. Bring your goals and OKRs to where your teams already are, align your organisation and move forward together with Simple Goals.Free your goals from hidden documents or spreadsheets and bring them to Slack where they’re never more than one click away from anyone who wants to ensure their work moves the needle in the right direction. Make it impossible for anyone to be unaware of their team’s, their organisation’s and their company’s goals. Embrace the power of transparent goals and harness powerful benefits:
– Foster cross-team collaboration
– Expose redundant or opposing work across the company
– Surface team’s intentions & priorities to reduce unnecessary politics
– Align teams behind one visionSimple Goals provides:
– 1-click access to all relevant goals for everyone, all inside of Slack
– Bring context to the conversation and quickly share goals in any Slack channel
– View another team’s goals in seconds to better understand their perspective
– Weekly goal reminders that ensure teams are on the same pageImagine how much you can accomplish when your organisation is aligned on the goals that matter. Get started with Simple Goals in a matter of minutes and start your 30-day free trial today

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