SignalZenSimple, yet powerful Live Chat for your visitors on your website.

SignalZen is a live chat solution for your website which enables you to engage and talk to your website visitors.By setting up an account in our system and inserting a small piece of code into your website’s code, you will start receiving chat sessions from your customers online.We are proud to have a secondary channel to talk to your customers – Slack.This Slack App enables you to talk to your website’s visitors in real-time in your desired way. We have 2 integration types to choose from:1) Still – talk to your website visitors by replying in threads on the desired channel.
2) Noisy – chat by joining separate channels for each chat session.Once you register an account on our homepage, you will be able to connect to Slack which is done by following a simple wizard flow.We support commands that you can see by typing “/signalzen help” or “@SignalZen help” to ease your daily activities of using our service and chatting to your website visitors.Happy chatting!

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