Sigma Post Sigma reports to your public Slack channels

Sigma is a BI and Analytics application built for the cloud. Trusted by data-first companies, Sigma provides live access to cloud data warehouses using an intuitive spreadsheet interface so business experts can ask more of their data without writing a single line of code. With the full power of SQL, the cloud, and a familiar interface, business users have the freedom to analyze data in real time without limits.When installed, the Sigma app allows sharing of Sigma content to public Slack channels. Sigma users can set up notifications from any of their Sigma documents. Notifications can be sent just once or on a schedule. Users can choose the file type to include, and whether to include a link.You must have an active Sigma account to install and use this app. Sigma is a paid app; however, you are able to use this integration during your trial.Learn more about Sigma at