Slack Application: Shuffl Stay connected remotely with team shuffls!

Shuffl: the fun, smart, and easy way to stay connected.Join the wave of teams of all sizes at startups, global enterprises, student groups. We are proud to partner with leaders addressing the missing sense of belonging in team culture.In this new way of working and learning, trust that joy unfolds when we shuffl together. Every week, people shuffl into new groups to spark new connections.Go beyond randomly sorting teams with Smart Shuffl. Data shows intentional get-togethers nurtures meaningful engagement and connection. Learn how we help with onboarding, leader lotteries, leadership shuffls, and multi-department mixers.Shuffl is available as:
• Shuffl Community (free): Shuffl up to 50 team members in one channel and up to three people per group.
• Shuffl Pro (paid): Shuffl bigger teams and groups, unlock Smart Shuffl strategies, deploy program best practices, receive thoughtful support, review reports, and more!Shuffl setup is simple and takes a few minutes: Join a Shuffl Channel, Get Shuffl’d, and Get Together.Learn more about Shuffl as featured on GeekWire’s Startup Spotlight (January 2021)Questions? Visit our Support Center

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