Shipright Track product feedback in one organized place

About Shipright
Shipright helps you track all user feedback in one organized place. We help you log product requests and improvements, and help you as a product manager see how often certain requests were raised by different types of users. Make smarter product prioritization decisions and make product changes that improve the experience, reduce churn, or increase revenue.When you decided to build an often-heard request, we help you retrieve and communicate back to all relevant users that requested it. It makes users feel involved and increases loyalty.With our Slack integration you can:
– Push instant notifications to Slack for newly added requests, users & feedback added to requests, and status changes on requests in Shipright
– Store product feedback from your Slack workspace, coming from sales, support, customer success, and marketing colleagues, in Shipright. Group by request, so you have a centralized place to see how often requests have been raised.
– In Slack, see which messages/replies have already been pushed into Shipright
– Quickly get all your team members on-board via our signup flow integrated into Slack. Please note that this feature uses the relevant info from your Slack profile (name, email, etc.) to create your Shipright account.Installation is easy, read moreYou can start using Shipright for free.Contact developers at [email protected]