Shelf Intelligent Knowledge Management

The Shelf Bot brings an easy to use, intelligent knowledge management system into Slack enabling you to find and explore all of your organization’s knowledge directly from within Slack. You can post links to content or directly add file attachments to Slack conversations for all content stored on the award-winning Shelf Knowledge Management platform.With the Shelf Slack Bot, you can also capture content exchanged in Slack conversations and add it to the Shelf platform so that they can easily be found by yourself and others in the future.Shelf was designed by a Harvard knowledge management expert and data scientist for best-in-class search and organization. Unlike other knowledge base platforms, Shelf offers pinpoint accurate in-document search, AI-supported automation for content maintenance and powerful analytics.The most common use cases for Shelf are:
Contact center and help desk – Helping agents quickly find, manage and solve customer issues on the first call.
Company knowledge base – Separate your valuable, accurate content from the sea of drafts, half-baked ideas, and obsolete resources.
Customer Success and Sales Enablement – Get your Marketing and Sales teams on the same page.A paid subscription to Shelf ( with access to the Shelf API is required to use our Slack Bot.