SendtaskAssign tasks to your team and track your work without leaving Slack.

Sendtask is a free, simple and powerful task manager for teams and partners. It lets you track your work and collaborate with anyone in one place – even if they don’t have an account. With Sendtask, your team, clients, and suppliers are all on the same page about deadlines and responsibilities so you can bring work under control.This integration allows you to assign tasks to anyone in your team and track your work without leaving Slack. Using slash commands, you can create, list and complete tasks without switching between software to save mental bandwidth and focus on what’s important.Instead of losing actionable information under piles of text, you can assign tasks on the spot – everyone will see who is responsible for taking the next action. In addition, task followers receive timely notifications and all activity is reflected instantly in Sendtask so things get done well and on time. With Sendtask for Slack, you can:
• Create and assign tasks for you and your team.
• See your to-do list along with details such as comments and due dates.
• Mark tasks as Complete or Delete tasks.
• Add tasks to specific Sendtask projects and set due dates with natural language.Type /sendtask_help for a list of available commands.

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