SecurityAdvisorBotEmpower and coach users to avoid security or HR violations and help them protect their data from threats

In-App coaching platform that learns a user’s security posture and offers personalized security coaching to that user. SecurityAdvisor detects in-appropriate data sharing behavior and delivers interactive, mobile friendly security coaching to end users. Create policies on fine tuning coaching behavior, frequency and types of events. SecurityAdvisorBot will incrementally ask for permissions based on the events selected.Sign up on our website for free trial & get started.Some potential uses of our app include:
1.    Empowering and training users to avoid cybersecurity incidents
2.    Detecting Abusive language in Slack
3.    Detecting users who share sensitive data in public channels
4.    Coaching users to consider permissions granted while installing apps with bot users.
5.    On-boarding new users on Slack and teaching them best practices in using Slack
6.    Generating reports around users learning behavior and security incidents.
7. Notifications to workspace admin on various events such as when users post files or information violating company’s data sharing policy on public channels.For more information contact us at [email protected]

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