Search Unify Boost content discovery & collaboration with AI-powered search for Slack

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive search platform that revolutionizes information discovery, fuels an insight engine, and makes for a robust platform for AI-based apps like customer-facing and agent-assist chatbots. SearchUnify for Slack brings the power of enterprise knowledge right inside your conversation channels with a Slack bot that is powered by AI. The bot enables enterprise teams like marketing, support, community, sales to discover content faster, boosting employee self-service and collaboration. With SearchUnify you can:- Search for all content at one place: Simplify knowledge discovery by enabling all teams to search for content right inside your Slack window. – Leverage AI for personalization: Powered by AI, SearchUnify takes into account behavioral analytics, access permissions, search history, and role to deliver personalized results.- Boost productivity with greater relevance: Harness the power of ML algorithms that learn from every interaction to deliver the most relevant results every time. The search engine also allows you to manually tune results for better engagement.- Discover faster with intelligent facets: Drill-down to the most relevant search result faster with smart faceting that personalizes category selection based on search query. – Type as you think: Leverage the power of NLP to automatically detect synonyms, abbreviations, spelling errors in user search queries and deliver relevant results based on query context rather than just keywordsAdditionally, Slack can also be added as a Content Source where it can help users to index and fetch content from multiple Slack workspaces and channels.
Please contact SearchUnify Support for more information on how to connect Slack and other repositories as a Content Source.EXPERIENCE SEARCHUNIFYListed App is a free app with limited features. It is linked with the SearchUnify demo instance and crawls SearchUnify help docs. Full use of SearchUnify app (including using Slack as a content source) requires a paid account.Users are not required to re-download and install the Slack app if they want to connect additional content sources. New Content Sources can be added and configured from SearchUnify Admin Panel.HOW TO USE SEARCHUNIFY?Once the app has been installed, simply follow the below steps and kick-start your journey to better discovery:  1) In your workspace type – @SearchUnify – Enterprise Search {Enter Search Keyword Here}2) To display search facets type – /sufacets {Enter optional search keyword to get facets based on search keyword filter out results}For Example:
@SearchUnify – Enterprise Search How many languages does SearchUnify support
/sufacets EnglishIn case you have any queries, feel free to drop a line to our developers at [email protected]