Scruster Scrum in Slack.

Use scruster to manage your scrum in Slack.
You can create issues in each channel. Allocate these issues to users, schedule them in sprint and move there status as you progress.
Configure a sprint and schedule your issues in the sprint. List down issues in various ways and get to what you want.Everything inside Slack!Slash commands in Scruster:
/issue: Create an issue
• Assign a issue to user
• Put issue in a sprint
• Change status to Todo, Working, Done or Close.
/issue XYZ-5: Edit an issue with issue id XYZ-5
• Change title
• Change Description
/issue -ti title -ds description: Create an issue with a title and a description.LIST
/list: List all issues in this channel
/list -u @Scruster: List all issues assigned to user Scruster
/list -s October: List all issues in October sprint.
/list -i 5: Show card for issue 5.
/list -i MY-5: Show card for issue MY-5. Same as /list -i 5.
/list -st close: Show all issues in close state.SPRINT
/sprint: Create a new sprint.
/sprint November: Edit sprint November.
• If sprint November exists edit it.
• If sprint November doesn’t exist, create a new sprint with name November.
/sprint -s October: Show the status of sprint October. Sprint card will appear on Slack. This card shows the option to
• Start
• Stop
• Edit
/sprint -a: Show all configured sprints. It excludes the closed sprints.SCRUSTER
/scruster -f Scruster is awesome!: Provide feedback.
/scruster -h: Help text for scruster.