Scrum Do Scrum, Scrumban and Kanban project management tool.

Team collaboration is key to effectiveness. ScrumDo makes collaboration easy with Slack integration and many other internal collaboration options like @mention and “conversations”. Expert help is never far away with our live chat feature. Not only is ScrumDo an intuitive and simple-to-use tool for managing work by teams employing Agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban, but we’ve elevated that simplicity to the enterprise level by incorporating powerful systems thinking and Lean product development capabilities into the platform. Data-driven decision making is the key to better outcomes. ScrumDo automatically tracks key performance data at all levels of your business portfolio, provides multiple reporting options to facilitate powerful insights, and provides system alerts when certain risk and workflow thresholds are approached.The ScrumDo Slack integration lets you receive updates on your ScrumDo cards inside of Slack.  Interact with ScrumDo workspaces from Slack with /ScrumDo Slack command. You can add card, edit card features using the /ScrumDo command.