SavioTrack and save customer feedback shared in Slack to make better products

Are you a product manager?  Do your teammates share customer feedback in Slack?  Do you feel like you’re missing product insights from customers in your team’s Slack messages?  If so, this app is for you.  Savio helps software teams collect and use qualitative customer feedback to make better product decisions.  When you install the Savio app, you can save and track valuable customer feedback about your product in a safe place: your Savio Vault. About the Integration
With the Savio app you and your team can:• save any customer feedback about your product that’s shared in a specific Slack channel
• save individual messages from any public channels in your Slack workspaceWhat you get
When you save your customers’ product feedback from Slack:In Savio:
• your customers’ feedback is stored safely with product feedback from your other sources (Help Desk, CRM, etc)
• you’re able to revisit the full Slack conversation to get any missing context   In Slack:
• you can see which feedback has been pushed to SavioWhen you track and save feedback in Savio, you can link that product feedback to a Feature Request, so you can answer questions like:• “How many people want the xyz feature?”
• “What features do my Enterprise Plan customers want?”
• “What’s the cumulative MRR of customers who want the xyz feature?”
• “What features should we build to lower churn?”How it works
Once you install the app, you can track and save Slack messages with customer feedback in two ways.1. Via SavioBot: you can optionally tell Savio which Slack channel your team shares customer feedback in.  If you do, the SavioBot will respond to every top-level message posted in this channel. It will ask the poster if they want to push the message they posted to Savio.2. Via Message Actions: there are three dots to the right of every Slack message. They pull up a context menu.  Savio will add a menu item to this context menu called “Push to Savio”.  When you select this menu item beside a message, you can send that message to Savio.  To Install1. Sign up for an account at
2. Enable the Slack integration hereUsing the Slack integration is free during your Savio trial, and requires a paid Savio account after your trial ends.Learn moreYou can also learn more about Savio’s Slack integration here.Savio also pulls your customer feedback in from tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshchat, and HubSpot CRM. You can also push customers’ product feedback to Savio from Google Docs, Gmail / GSuite, Outlook, Dropbox Paper, Notion, Quip, Delighted, AskNicely, Trello, GitHub, TypeForm, SurveyMonkey, and Confluence using the Savio Chrome Extension. Finally, once you decide to build a feature Savio will push your feature to JIRA, GitHub issues, or Clubhouse (coming soon).   Have questions? Email Savio’s founders here.

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