Safe Guard Cyber Safe Guard Cyber provides archiving, compliance and security for Slack Enterprise Grid.

Secure your Slack deployment against cybersecurity threats, data leakage, compliance risks, and inappropriate conduct. Extend these protections seamlessly to all users and across both direct messages and channel conversations, including remotely distributed workforce and partner-facing channels, deployed on Slack.Utilizing API-based integration SafeGuard Cyber’s agentless security solution for Slack scans content in both group and direct message chat for risks, including compromised accounts, malware attachments and links, malicious content, and compliance or acceptable use violations. Upon detection, the SafeGuard platform takes immediate action to remediate those attacks, while alerting the SOC with threat details. KEY INTEGRATION BENEFITS:ENHANCED SECURITY Protects against malicious content and malware, including those contained in attachments and links, across channels and direct messages. DATA LOSS PROTECTION Enforce enterprise-wide DLP policies on channels to avoid accidental or deliberate leakage of critical documents and/or data theft. AUTOMATED COMPLIANCE Stop noncompliant or inappropriate content with policy-driven supervision across all conversations, find and remediate violations.