Sad RobotA Magic: The Gathering card fetcher.

Sad Robot is a fully-featured Magic the Gathering card fetcher. Request cards by inviting the bot, then posting a message in the format of [[Card Name]] or {{Scryfall Query}} to see card results.Appending a :command to the end of a request, such as [[Lightning Bolt]]:art, allows some control over what the fetcher returns. Valid commands include :oracle (fetch just the Oracle text for this card), :reserved (this card’s status on the reserved list), :price (current card prices across printings), :art (art crop for this card), :flavor (flavor text), and :legality (a summary of legalities in various MTG formats).When using Scryfall queries a la {{query text}}, the first hit from Scryfall will be returned (sorted by EDHRec rating, at present, though this may become configurable in the future).

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