SaaS Manager License Optimization through insights and actions. Reclaim user licenses that are not active

Organizations are dynamic. Employees come and go. Roles change. As a result, you face a constant battle securing corporate data from those that shouldn’t have access.
Some companies use a single sign-on (SSO) technology to track and enforce security access. But SSO only works for the systems to which it’s connected. Most organizations don’t deploy SSO for all their SaaS vendors – especially when Shadow SaaS is rampant and employees are using unauthorized SaaS apps. What’s more, many organizations grant access privileges to users outside their SSO processes.
This security blind spot can expose you to the theft of proprietary data. And it can open you to enormous regulatory compliance risks. GDPR, for example, requires you to understand which systems contain personally identifiable data, and who has access. With the Flexera SaaS Manager Slack integration you will be able to get detailed usage and cost data by internal user segment, Allocate SaaS investments by department for financial reporting, Identify users logging into Slack that are no longer active, See users that have not been actively using their Slack license to reclaim these licenses for other users and have visibility into your usage and entitlements to easily validate your investment to help your renewal process by providing the data to clearly show “how many licenses you need”, not just how many you have.