RicottaAlign and engage remote teams with OKRs (goal-setting) and To-Dos

Align and engage your team using Ricotta OKRs on Slack. Start using the OKR goal-setting framework in your organization to set ambitious goals and measurable key results.Great for setting clear goals, promoting transparency and increasing employee engagement, Ricotta enables teams that work from home and remote teams to collaborate effectively.Benefits of using Ricotta OKRs1. Brings focus and prioritizes what matters most for your company
2. Promotes transparency and alignment among teams
3. Increases employee engagement – as everyone knows how they are contributing to company growth
4. Enables easy collaborationBenefits of using Ricotta Personal To-Dos (free feature)1. Track your weekly tasks and to do items without leaving Slack.
2. Use todos to keep track of all your Reading and Research lists.Set and manage OKRs and track your to-dos without ever leaving Slack!Key Features1. End-to-end encryption of OKRs and To Dos data
2. Easy one-click installation and team on-boarding
3. Define Objectives and Key Results within Slack
4. Update your progress, edit or archive OKRs easily
5. Weekly automated reminders to track and update progressImplement Ricotta OKRs and watch your company grow!

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