Slack Application: Retro Rabbit Jump Start Your Retros!

Retro Rabbit allows you to manage retros more effectively using slack.
1. Retros tied to your ‘
2. No new logins or websites to remember, all notes can by submitted by your team with one simple slack command
2. External web-based review board for enhanced retro management
3. Assign action items to team members for follow up
4. Export retrospectives to a CSV for later Streamline retrospective meetings by tracking ideas throughout the sprint
Customize retrospective topics to fit your team’s culture
Ability to run remote retrospectives
Track your team’s progress by viewing action items and notes from previous sprints
Trade paper for time  and make your retros as effective as possible  
No need to remember an external retrospective board. All your notes are accessible directly in your team’s channel in slack. When the time comes to run your retrospective meeting, Retro Rabbit will generate a link in your channel to an external board for easy viewing.  
Other agile bots may offer tools to cover retrospectives, but they can’t apply that laser focus that we can. By offering a tool for a single purpose, we aim to make your retrospective meeting as powerful and effective as it can possibly be. We love to hear from everyone, and as we get that feedback we promise to continue to iterate to bring you the best possible slack-powered retrospective experience  out there.

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