Remoty Track tasks and time, automate daily stand ups, manage payrolls.

Remoty helps your team reach their full potential with a powerful time-tracking and progress updates workflow. With the Remoty app, you can keep your remote team synchronized with easy commands from within your Slack workspace.Remoty boosts your team’s coordination using intuitive time-tracking commands.Your team members can announce their availability using the /in command to check-in. They can let everyone know whether they are on break or back with the /break and /back commands. To add context to breaks, check-ins or check-outs, team members can add optional comments after the commands as well. /break Coffee, croissants and 5 minutes of much needed sun on the balcony!
/out Signing off early for a personal errand but expect me to check in earlier tomorrowRemoty helps you save hours lost to meetings by organizing async daily stand-up meetings.Daily status meetings are essential but often take up so much time. Remoty runs those meetings for you! As your team members check-in or check-out, remoty asks them 3 key questions:
•    What did you work on yesterday?
•    What are you going to work on today?
•    Do you have any blockers?See these answers as a report on your team channel and:
•    Keep the team up to speed on what their colleagues are doing
•    Chart who is clearing tasks and who is running into difficulties
•    Easily identify who is blocked at workRemoty has made reporting easier than ever before.With the release of the dashboard, you can generate reports and time sheets, access scrum settings and export CSVs just by clicking the desired action button.
Simply type /dashboard to open and view your dashboard. Once the dashboard is open, you can:
•    Change the scrum questions
•    Manage your team’s tasks
•    Generate the time sheets of your team members
•    Generate the payroll reports of your team members
•    Export the payroll reports of your team membersRemoty allows you to intuitively manage your tasksNow you can log tasks and track time spent on each task by each individual with remoty’s latest Task Management module. By simply typing /task, you will be able to add a new task and assign it to different team members.
In order to view all the completed tasks, on-going tasks and details of each task, jump over to the ‘Manage Tasks’ section of your dashboard.Exciting feature coming your way:
1. Leave management with multi-level approval
2. Overtime management