Remote HQ Real-time collaboration workspace for distributed teams

RemoteHQ is a unique collaboration platform that allows you to work remotely in an innovative way. Think of us as a virtual office, where you can segue into a RemoteHQ room directly from your slack channel. Members can move back and forth seamlessly between rooms and channels, where they will be able to jump on video/audio, co-control a webpage, collaborate on a Figma board, discuss to do’s in Trello, and much more through RemoteHQ’s features and apps. And there is no need to download anything! Teams use RemoteHQ for:

Internal Collaboration
Sales Demos
Customer Support
War Rooms
…and much more. Key Features:Shared browser – makes any url collaborative by giving participants co-control of the browser. This significantly reduces the pain points of screen-sharing. Session artifacts – includes session notes, session recordings, shared files, meeting duration, guest names, etc. Be able to see and reference all of this in one place after the meeting. Drag & drop layout – all apps and pages are on a tiling system so you can easily move and resize your layout to best suit your needs. Easily sync your layout with other members on the call.

Session Recording – record video and/or audio for any or all parts of your session. The recording is automatically saved to the session history for easy access.