Referrals ⚡ by Roots Boost your employee referrals program in Slack!

Boost your employee referrals program and streamline the candidate referral experience for your team right in Slack! Let this app work its magic and watch your pool of qualified candidates constantly increase throughout the year. How does the app work?  It integrates with your ATS (Greenhouse, Lever, etc.) or careers page and pulls open jobs into Slack to make them more visible for your team. Team members can easily filter through open jobs and submit referrals with two easy clicks in Slack! The candidate information instantly syncs with your ATS. Team members can track the status of their referral submissions and see stage updates without having to bother recruiters. Admins/recruiters can create automated recurring announcements in Slack which highlight segments of open jobs – oldest jobs, newest jobs, jobs with the fewest applicants, specific jobs – and nudge team members to submit referrals.Interested in seeing Referrals by Roots in action? Sign up for a demo or kick off your free trial today!