Rebrandly | URL ShortenerShorten and brand your links in Slack

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, Rebrandly is the complete branded link management solution that empowers companies and individuals to put their brand name on every short url that they share.Link your Rebrandly and Slack teams to rebrand URLs directly within Slack, creating a seamless workflow for branding links, saving your team valuable time and increasing productivity.Use Rebrandly for:• URL shortening
• Traffic routing
• Click tracking and reporting
• Link retargeting
• Managing all of your links in a single dashboardCommandsYou can use the following commands:/rebrand
Create a branded short URL./rebrand domain
If you have more than one domain, you can spcify which you’d like to use to create a branded short URL. For example “”./rebrand show domains
See a list of all available domains./rebrand slug myslug
Create a branded short URL with a specified slug (slashtag), for example, “myslug”. Alternatively, you can customize your slug by using the keyword “slahstag” instead of “slug” in the command string. You can also combine the “domain” and “slug” (or “slashtag”) keywords./rebrand settings
Change your preferences at any time by accessing your settings./rebrand logout
Disconnect your Rebrandly account from Slack./rebrand help
See command instructions.

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