Random Coffee Match coworkers for a physical or a virtual coffee!

Connect your employees in one clickBreaking down silos at your company is no longer mission impossible! With RandomCoffee, connecting employees at scale has never been easier.Create automated employee-matching campaigns and generate hundreds of targeted introductions in a single click.Over 1,000+ teams like Total, Henkel, Kering and Danone have used RandomCoffee to make 7 million+ connections among teammates across departments, office locations, and continents. Let our clients tell you more Connections created by RandomCoffee are key & widen our internal network. For example I switched job thanks to a RandomCoffee I had internally !
Thomas Cailliot – Institutional Sales, Allianz GI We have decided to expand RandomCoffee to the entire branch since we do not always know our colleagues, even the ones that are at the end of the hall. This helps us all expand our network and create a better environment at work, with barely any effort !
Sylvie Arlabosse – Director of Communication, Total The more digital the workplace becomes, the more real-life interactions become necessary. RandomCoffee is an amazing solution for this.
Yves Gautier – Director of Communication, Henkel To launch RandomCoffee
Invite @random to a channel using slacks /invite @random command and it will randomly pair channel members each week for a coffee.