Rali Use Rali to socialize your videos

Rali socializes your video by adding engagement capabilities into the video timeline.  Rali gives your audience a live collaboration experience while playing on-demand videos.With Rali, you have the capability to connect your audience on your content. Rali capability includes:
* Socializing your recorded training, collaboration, communication, marketing, and sales content
* Sharing video conversations with your customers, clients, employees, or co-workers
* Engaging in the video timeline
* Connecting your audience. Anywhere. Anytime.
* Helping to evolve your content faster through detailed Insights.With Rali for Slack, you can:
* Create and share Rali video conversations
* Connect a Rali video conversation to your channel
* Get notified when your video gets activitiesCommands
Call up the Rali for Slack app
/rali help
Get a list of commands you can use with the Rali for Slack app
/rali create
Create a Rali video conversation
/rali connect
Connect a Rali video conversation to your channelRali is a next-generation engagement platform that empowers organizations to create groups that collaborate, grow, and drive sustainable change together. Learn more at https://getrali.com or try us for free today at https://rali.io.