Slack Application: Rafflebot Create and run amazing raffles on Slack

This app adds the Rafflebot to your Slack workspace, which enables you to create and run raffles. Everyone can communicate with the Rafflebot through the slash command /raffle, e.g. to create a new raffle or to enter a running raffle. In addition the Rafflebot will also send out messages informing everyone about a running raffle and about the result of a drawing.Main features:
• Create raffles: You can create and run multiple raffles at a time.
• Add prizes to your raffle: Prizes can have an image and a description text to illustrate what they are.
• Promote raffles: Broadcast information about running raffles to a Slack channel
• Automatic drawings: Drawings are conducted automatically at the defined date and time.
• Time zone support: Rafflebot has been designed to support teams in different time zones

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