Quick Share to Slack[Chrome extension] Share links and text quickly and easily to Slack

Share links and text quickly and easily to SlackYou can easily connect to your Slack account.Share by clicking the right mouse buttonThis app is for Chrome extensions.- URL of current tab
– URL of media (image/audio/video)
– Selected Text
– URL of LinkInstallationsClick on the icon and press ‘Connect Your Slack Account’ button.The Settings pop-up appears, and the Slack Account connection pop-up appears.Enter the workspace you want to connect to and log in. And you have to accept the permissions.Slack permissions are required to display the user’s channel list and forward messages from Chrome to Slack.How to sign outPress the ‘Go to settings’ button in the popup window that appears by clicking the icon.Please press the ‘Logout Account’ button in the pop-up popup.

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