Queue Synchronize your work with others and keep track of your turn.

Have you ever collaborated on something that can be handled only with one person at the same time? It is easy with two, three, or maybe even four people but… what if your team is growing and there are more tasks to coordinate between all of them? Handle any task or queue from your Slack channel no matter if it’s a critical deployment or a console tournament.Queue helps you:
– orchestrate server access,
– coordinate big merges,
– integrate your code with others,
– queue your tasks during large integration,
– access your test devices,
– manage work in progress,
– plan your inventory in the office,
– organize your duties with the rest of the team,
– set up a cleaning routine,
– access ping-pong table or xbox console,
– book a conference room or chill room,
– share office movables like books or electronics,
– rotate your online university consultations,
– keep your school tasks in order,
– track your office hours duty,
– schedule slack channel moderation and maintenance,
– and whatever queue that you would think of.With ubots Queue you can start managing your queues directly in Slack. Install it at your team’s workspace and enable Queue for all your team members. From now on you will be able to create a Queue for each channel. Never again let your team members forget it is their turn to do the tas. Queue always notifies you that it is your turn to take over the command.Stop wasting your time on asking people around to synchronize your work!