Query Bot Query your team with opt-in questions, polls, and surveys.

QueryBot for Slack is the easiest way to find out what your fellow channels members are thinking. Empower team collaboration with polls, surveys, and opt-in questionsWhy Choose QueryBot?Don’t spend your time learning complex surveying software and configuring endless options. With QueryBot your team can create opt-in questions, polls, and surveys in seconds for everyone in your channel to start collaborating and communicating with pleasure!Free For Small TeamsIf your team has 10 users or fewer QueryBot is free! If you have a larger team, you’ll still get a 14-day free trial.Surveys That Get ResponsesWith a single survey question you can open up the floor to individual responses and group votes. Or mark your survey as private so that only you will see the responses.Drive Decisions with Easy PollsEveryone likes to have choices, and with a QueryBot Poll your team gets to vote for any or all of your provided options. Or leave a few options open so your team can also submit their own options for voting.Opt-In Questions For A Show of HandsSometimes you have questions that just need a simple “I’m in!” response. With Opt-Ins you can get a quick show of hands for your essential questions such as “Are we ready to ship?” or simply “Who wants to get coffee?”.Respond In ConfidenceWhen you have sensitive questions to ask use anonymous Polls and Surveys to preserve the identity of your respondents. Or keep all responses private for your eyes only.We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us for support, feedback, or anything else we can help you with.By installing or using the App you agree to the ┬áTerms of Service.