Q Manage your time together and cut down on distractions.

Distractions are an ever present reality of working on a team. Being able to instantly collaborate has given us the ability achieve more together, but it’s also made it harder to focus on our own work. This can significantly decrease your productivity, and in todays modern open office spaces, there are few places to hide from the barrage of messages, emails, notifications, and even taps on the shoulder.With Q, every user on your team gets their own queue of things they need to do with other teammates. When a teammate puts something in your queue (e.g. Status Meeting), both users get there queue count bumped up by one, and the counts are visible next to every users screen name. You can also add things to your own queue that you need to focus on (e.g. Project Deadline).Now, everyone on your team can see how busy you are based on your queue count before they decide to bother you. You can easily view your queue by talking to the Q bot and mark off things on your queue as they’re completed.Once a team starts using Q together, they’re able to make better decisions about they’re time without the burden of scheduling meetings, know who they should interact with and when, and make the entire team run more efficiently.