pushupbot Stay active all day!

You work hard. Take 20 seconds to stand up and stretch. You can do anything! Do a pushup, squat, jump, or walk to the water cooler.
Whatever you do, invite your team. It is more fun together.Features:
1. Hourly Activity Reminders: During work, join a dedicated channel for reminders. It’s pushups time!
2. Challenges: Every hour, do a random challenge: 20 jumping jacks!
3. Summary: Did Nelly from sales really run a half-marathon on a Tuesday?
4. Goals: How many pushups can you do on a Friday?
5. Every Activity Ever: pushups, squats, handstands, cleans, dips, you name it!
6. Tournaments: Will the sales team do more squats than ops?If you have any questions head over to https://www.pushupbot.com/support